About us

Hi, we are Jana and Halina, the founders of BUDEVI.

We combined our passion for yoga and fashion to create something new, with respect and gratitude for the wonderful Earth we live on.



In the beginning, we had the idea to develop perfectly fitting yoga leggings. We both dreamed of creating something on our own, not only for profit, but to contribute a small part to making the world a better place. We wanted leggings that fit every body shape equally well, were super comfortable, looked unique, and were made from 100% sustainable materials. – And that’s how our heart-project BUDEVI came to fruition.

In addition to the leggings that started it all (and of which we are very proud), there were other pieces that were developed with great attention to detail. We are incredibly happy to be able to share the results with you today and hope that there will be a lot more to come with you support.

Our decisions today determine what tomorrow’s world will look like. It makes a difference whether we choose to go to work by bike or by car, whether we buy organic food or support conventional agriculture, or whether we consume fast-fashion or opt for sustainably produced merchandise; and each and every one of these decisions contributes to the overall picture. Therefore, if each of us makes a conscious decision for the good of the environment, for more sustainability as often as possible, the end result will be more positive.

Additionally, we aim to contribute to a better future by offering products which can be purchased with a clear conscience. Our products are made from GOTS certified material, our labels are made from recycled polyester, and our packaging is environmentally friendly. We work step by step to make all processes as environmentally friendly as possible. While there is certainly still a ways to go, we are undoubtedly on the right path.


Unsere Philosophie

Unsere heutigen Entscheidungen bestimmen wie die Welt von Morgen aussehen wird. Es macht einen Unterschied ob wir uns für den Arbeitsweg für das Rad oder das Auto entscheiden, ob wir Bio Lebensmittelkaufen oder konventionelle Landwirtschaft unterstützen,  oder eben ob wir fast fashion konsumieren oder uns für nachhaltig produzierte Produkte entscheiden – jede/r einzelne trägt einen Teil zum Gesamtbild bei. Und wenn jede/r von uns so oft wie möglich, eine Entscheidung für das Wohl der Umwelt, für mehr Nachhaltigkeit trifft – dann ist das am Ende eine ganze Menge. Mit unseren Produkten möchten auch wir etwas zu einer besseren Zukunft beitragen und dir Produkte bieten, die du mit gutem Gewissen kaufen kannst.

Unsere Produkte sind aus GOTS zertifiziertem Stoff gefertigt, unsere Etiketten aus recycletem Polyester und unsere Verpackungen umweltfreundlich. Wir arbeiten Schritt für Schritt daran alle Prozesse so umweltfreundlich wie möglich zu gestalten. Es ist sicherlich noch ein Weg zu gehen, aber wir sind unterwegs.


Our prints are something very special; not only because they look fantastic, but also because they offer added value as something you can take with you into your everyday life on a spiritual level. They are ImagamI, nature photographs that mirror energetic force fields according to geometric patterns, and thus, bundle their essences, which enables you to draw in their strength and energy. If you would like to find out more about how ImagamIs work, please check out www.sonnenblau.com.