Fair and sustainable yoga clothing

BUDEVI is a young yoga label from Cologne, Germany. We offer unique designs and body-flattering, comfortable cuts. Made from certified organic fabrics, BUDEVI is fair, sustainable, and locally produced in our studio in Cologne’s Agnesviertel.

The collection

The collection


Handmade and Sustainable Yoga Fashion from Germany

We are a young yoga fashion label from Cologne, Germany. In our atelier, we manufacture sustainable and fair clothing, not only for yoga practice, but with close attention to aesthetic detail. We pride ourselves in providing designs that are unique, with cuts that flatter the full spectrum of body shapes. Thanks to our skin-friendly material, our collection is suitable for wear both on and off the yoga mat.

BUDEVI comes from Sanskrit and means Mother Earth. Embodying this philosophy, our collection is dedicated to the holy mother from whom we all originate – our beautiful Earth. It celebrates and honors it’s beauty and diversity. While wearing our clothes, you should feel a close attunement with the divine Mother Earth, as well as the divinity within yourself.

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last
(Vivienne Westwood)

Do something good for yourself and Mother Earth by finding your new sustainable favorite with us.

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